Yeo Space

Open Source/Online service by Vinh

During my engagement with companies that I do consulting service for, I realized a need of hosted service for small and medium business/company. I extract these out and use YeoSpace as directory hub for these services. All of these pieces are 100% open source as well and I do consulting service to run these on your infrastructure or hosted by YeoSpace.

I'm doing DevOps and Development consultant services. I have a wide range of experience design and manage infrastructure on AWS or on-premise system. I'm also pretty good at programming, you can check my github or resume. I can work and pick up new technologies pretty quick. I also write about technolgoy.

I can ideally help on any kind of computer-related activity as long as it's interesting. From creating website, building infrastrucutre that scale, bring up ideas into an mobile app(I only do iOS). I can design and develop your next project, big or small, end to end, from setting up infrastructure, monitor/logging system to code. Just drop me a line and we can talk about thing together.

I also maintain a personal site and a SaaS for uptime monitoring.

Yeo Service

A curated weekly link of development resource
Enable you to quickly serve keybase pub site with your own domain and auto provision SSL
Track your health and find similar symtomp in community